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We believe safe operations are a result of choice, not chance and for each job task there is a safe way to perform it. Consciously choosing the safe way makes our work environment safe and accident free. Tropical Power willingly accepts its responsibility to ensure as far as reasonably practical, a safe and healthy work environment (whether or not such workplace is under the direct control of the company) for anyone who works for and behalf of TPL. Our policy is to ensure the provision and maintenance of safe working conditions, and high standards of environmental quality, which comply with all laws, approved codes of practice and relevant statutory requirements.

Our clients are assured that all HSSE requirements will be fully complied with by Tropical Power Limited and any affiliated parties acting for and behalf of Tropical Power Limited.

Tropical Power Limited is presently implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS) to meet the requirements of ISO 14001. It identifies policies, procedures and resources for maintaining effective and efficient environmental management.

Tropical Power Limited is committed to the continual improvement of all our activities and processes so as to reduce or eliminate any harm to the environment.