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Rental - Generators Accessories


Tropical Power custom designs and builds our own bulk storage diesel tanks which are the perfect accessory to long term generator rentals that require a continuous fuel supply. These tanks are also available for purchase.

Tank Specifications:
- Sizes range from 400 to 2,300 Gallon Tanks
- Double walled design for safe spill containment
- Built to Ministry of Energy and Fire Department Approval
- Fabricated by certified welders
- Leak Tested



Power Cable is the most requested accessory for a rental generator, and whether your application is a 50ft temporary connection to your business place, or a 200ft continuous run on an offshore platform, we can handle it.

Cable Specifications:

3-phase applications
- 50ft / 100ft / 200ft single lengths available
- Cam-lok connectors to facilitate extensive hook-ups
- Single Core 4/0 Cable rated at 400Amps (continuous rating)
- (UL) 2000 volt rating, C(UL) 600 volts continuous use
- - 45°C to 105°C, 2000 Volt Rating, flame retardant
- Manufactured to (UL) & C(UL) standard 1581
- Double insulated

Single-phase applications
- 50ft / 100ft / 200ft single lengths available
- Multi-core cable rated at 100-Amps (continuous rating)
- Single Insulated


Ideal for applications that require a standby generator to act as emergency backup for your utility power (or primary generator), Tropical Power Limited offers a wide range of Transfer Switches to ensure a smooth switch over to a secondary power source.

Available Equipment:
- 100Amp – 3,000Amp (multiple voltages)
- Manual and Automatic Switches
- Various Nema Enclosure options


Although normally part of our service package to customers, our Loadbanks are also available for rent. Our Loadbank rental package includes a certified technician as well as a minimum length of cable to connect to your system.

- Multiple KW testing available
- Testing can be done at 240V or 480V (single and 3-phase)
- We can test your system on-site


When renting generators that have to be placed across a roadway or walkway, cables can be come a major safety concern. Cable ramps will not only protect the cable from damages on sites but also create a safe crossing surface for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.


Some applications require multiple voltages from the same generator unit (for example a 110V supply may be required to run small tools when the generator is configured at 440V to run a pump or motor). A step-up/down transformer can facilitate a lower or higher voltage (120V to 480V) as needed.

- 15kva Multi-tap transformers